Dearest Members,

So, the original family members Club has made it to 10 – we are officially double digits! This milestone has made us all nostalgic and extremely thankful to all the amazing people that have helped us along this crazy journey. It has certainly been a ride, starting way back in 2006 with a tin of Farrow & Ball paint and an M&S interest free credit card – oh and the bonus of no idea whatsoever in how to run a business! I, Maggie, am not sure that I intended it to grow so much…it was in essence a selfish need to have somewhere to belong in the isolation of new motherhood. Our growth is purely down to the memories we have created for so many families over the years. We have been there for 1st birthdays to 40th’s and all the ones in between, welcomed newbies to London who don’t know anyone, first steps, first words, first contractions, got kids to eat things parents didn’t believe we could, had their artwork displayed at the Saatchi gallery, even had kids named after us!! The list goes on and on – like a trusted family home we have been there for the good and the bad and we are blessed to have created something that so many of you love and treasure. No business is perfect and it has been a bumpy road at times, but we are truly thankful to have been a part of thousands (yep, thousands!) of children’s lives over the past 10 years. We are thrilled that all you past and present M&R’ers are taking a walk down memory lane and indulging in our nostalgic special birthday edit of the magazine with us.
Don’t forget to flip us over to The Kid’s Edit – where the gang are celebrating for themselves – although how have they not aged a day in 10 years??