Right in the heart of Chiswick! Maggie & Rose Village Nursery has brilliant staff and very loving. My son is excited every morning to go to nursery. The model of the village nursery makes the children’s experience a fun and enhancing.


I love this nursery! From the moment I walked in the door, I felt it and that is so important when you are leaving your most precious possession somewhere.

The staff are so helpful and friendly and go above and beyond to make you and your child feel supported.

The facilities are just amazing, not your usual church hall or white box – great for little people’s imaginations to run wild.

Their seasonal menus are so well planned, my son eats better than I do.
I cannot recommend this nursery enough.

Anna B – Nursery Parent

The Maggie & Rose Nursery is vibrant and imaginative and thoughtfully designed with kids in mind (from toddler height tables and chairs, miniature shopping trolleys and kitchen corners, a village green, tree house and a double-decker bus that doubles as an arts and crafts studio, the environment is exciting and inspiring for kids). The nursery staff I have met are all knowledgeable, caring and detail focused on your little one. The staff are not afraid to get their hands dirty with lots of fun messy activities (sand, water, paints, playdough) and provide a wide range of daily activities including reading, arts, crafts, music, sports and creative play. There is a reassuring focus on EYFS goals with different weekly/bi-weekly themes for activities and they keep a scrapbook for each child with pictures and notes of milestones in their development so parents don’t miss out. My little boy has had a lovely experience there so far and they are currently helping us with potty training!

Alison S

Maggie & Rose have proved a safe and entertaining environment for my son since the age of 1. He has enjoyed very long action-packed days there (max. 8.30-6pm), 2-3 days a week for nearly 2 years. The nursery provides healthy meals (mostly cooked) and snacks, nappies and even spare clothing and sleep toys when required.
He was comfortable enough to sleep for up to 2 hours at nap time before he dropped his afternoon nap and has always enjoyed the exciting activities – especially the cooking, art and Spanish classes. The outdoor areas are brilliantly designed given the limited space and the toys, tricycles, ride-on cars etc are of high quality.
I have found the staff to be absolutely wonderful and engaging, both in Babies and Toddlers. They have been attentive to our individual needs. I would not hesitate in recommending Maggie & Rose as I feel the care they have shown my son has been first class.

Linda P

Picking a nursery for the first time is super hard. Is it lovely? Are they fun? Will they leave them outside for the foxes? And its how much for one day?! It’s a total emotional minefield. After a false start elsewhere I decided to try out Maggie & Rose after reading about its ethos of creating a home from home and thinking that maybe this could be really good. The nursery interior itself is ace. Far away from basic bright colours, its warm and welcoming with a ton of interesting things for little people to see and do. You feel totally welcome. But my high fiving is one thing, this will be decided on the happiness of persons small.

However, my son absolutely adores it. They do great interesting activities, the staff are truly wonderful and have been pivotal in the development of my little two-year-old guy who is such a lovely little boy (toast thrown across the kitchen in fury this morning aside) I would recommend without question, it’s really the loveliest nursery I could have found.

Bridie R

I just wanted to write and say a big thank you for such a wonderful party on Sunday for Tilly’s 3rd birthday. She absolutely adored it! She said a number of times “this is my best day ever”!
You all did an incredible job and I can’t thank you enough. It was all planned to the most minute detail and nothing was too much. The entertainers were wonderful with the children, and just made it so fun. All of our guests (non-members) were very impressed with the party and how lovely the M and R team were and they all wanted to join!

You all worked so hard and I really appreciate it because Tilly is still talking about it. A massive thank you from me and my family.

Antonia Felix (and Tilly!)

They (the Kensington Team) are so engaging, warm and enthusiastic. They really care about the kids and put so much effort into the classes. We are so happy at Maggie & Rose. I couldn’t believe when I saw the Christmas timetable, I want to do it ALL!!”

We had such a happy, happy time yesterday THANK YOU SO MUCH – in my stress to the build up I had completely forgotten how relaxing parties are at Maggie & Rose – it really was so easy and fun and the children all had a wonderful time. You and your team are just fantastic. Please pass on our sincere thanks to everyone.

The party was, as usual, absolutely perfect, everyone had a really good time. The entertainers were particularly good, and quite a few mums actually asked me if they were working only for Maggie & Rose….

Laura went as far as saying that she wants the same party next year, that it was her best birthday ever and she cried 1 hour solid in the evening as she couldnt wait another full year until her next birthday. I cant think of a better review!!


Today will be the first time Zoe does a full morning with you. Considering the immense amount of change she has been going through over the past few weeks – new country, new house, leaving behind her comfort zone in Hong Kong – her Dad and I feel that she has been doing very well. Huge credit goes to Maggie & Rose for the way you have all been so attentive to her settling in. Thank you to Eugene and the whole team for that.

Thank you for all your help. It has been an immensely challenging move for our family and we are very grateful to Maggie & Rose for helping make it easier.


We have enjoyed our membership so very much, it is hard to put down in words. I don’t know how often you get to hear how your club has positively impacted on the lives of your members but we have found it to be a fantastic source of fun, friends and learning and it has also been a wonderful salvation, a sanctuary in moments of exhaustion and (tearing my hair out) despair for me!

The Club is now totally intertwined in thoughts of my children’s early years and the happy times we have spent in the club – playing, going to classes, eating pizza on the roof, celebrating birthdays – will stay forefront in our memories of those baby and toddler days and beyond.

I really take my hat off to you Maggie, for your incredible imagination and positive creativity which pulsates throughout the club, for the way you have made the most magical and dream fulfilling kingdom for children whilst the club also remains an impressively attractive, comfortable and impressive venue for adults too, and your drive for making all these wonderful things actually happen.


I wanted to let you know that everything turned out so lovely on Friday night for our Parent Summer Party!

The weather, food, drinks, music and views were all perfect. The roof terrace is a true hidden gem in Chiswick.

The staff was lovely! They made the night stress-free and enjoyable for me, thank you!


Just a quick note to say thank you for today, it was so lovely (there were almost tears!!!!) Jasmine has absolutely loved her time in the (Kensington) Pre-Nursery and we’re really going to really miss you all when she starts at her new nursery in September. You have created a very special place… Well done!


I just wanted to drop you a note as, in light of the below, it seems apt to give some feedback on a few members of staff in particular.

I can’t big up both Maria and Eugene enough, frankly! My son George absolutely adores them, and I can see why – they are both totally professional, yet so warm, caring, understanding and just ‘get it’. They always take the time to talk you through the day, they clearly observe and note down things, they interact really well and just generally make dropping off my son a whole lot easier. There’s not a lot of people you’d say you feel totally comfortable with in terms of looking after your children, but Maria and Eugene are definitely up there.

So I hope this gets relayed back to them as we think they’re ace!


Dear Maggie,

I was with Boadi in the soft play area this morning when the pre-school kids came to play, which was brilliant for Boadi as she needs to expand her world a bit! I was really very impressed with the staff looking after the kids. They were very child focused, immediately aware of Boadi and managed the preschoolers very well. There were super active and vigilant and playful with the kids, fully involved. When one of the children was crying for his mum, two staff members supported him out of his distress with empathy and kindness. All the children looked stimulated, safe and happy. I’m a child protection social worker, currently working for the NSPCC, and so I’m very sensitive to childcare practise, children’s needs and child welfare, and I just thought the kids at Maggie & Rose were super safe and responsive to all the children’s needs, which, at that point in time were being met beautifully.

I hope your ethos and philosophy spreads to other nurseries and child care settings! We are super excited about Boadi starting nursery in October.

Jenna, Chris & Boadi

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been to be a member [of Maggie & Rose]….it has been brilliant fun as well as a lifesaver at times.
You have all been amazing at looking after us all and being so friendly too. You are doing something very special and we are going to miss M&R a lot (and we’re particularly gutted to be missing summer on the roof).

Rachel & Family