Nursery operating policy & procedures during COVID-19
As we re-open our nurseries, the welfare of our nursery families and our team is our highest priority.
Below we have detailed the measures that we have put in place to help keep our families and our team safe and healthy.
We appreciate the cooperation of our families in supporting us to keep our nursery a safe and healthy environment.
Watch to find out the measures we have put in place to keep everyone safe at our nurseries
pick up & drop off
Only one parent per family may drop off or collect their child from nursery. To support social distancing, parents are required to drop off/pick up at the designated point, within their allocated 20 minute slot. No access will be permitted beyond the designated areas and times.
We ask that parents practice social distancing, observing a 2m distance from our team and other families, even when outside the nursery building.
Our handover team will collect children from their designated pick-up points and settle them into their rooms. The handover team will wear masks.
Parents must not bring any child that is unwell to nursery. Should any child show signs of illness or register a temperature of 37.8C or above during our checks, they will not be allowed to remain at nursery and will have to follow quarantine guidelines.
daily routine
A maximum of 15 children will be permitted in each class room, in line with government guidelines.
Team members will be assigned to a specific group and will support those children throughout the day with care routines, mealtimes etc. Each group will contain a maximum of 14 children who will remain together in their ‘bubble’; they will not mix with any other groups, though will continue to access our outdoor spaces at scheduled times for their group. Team members will remain with their individual groups and will avoid moving between rooms.
No visitors will be permitted. Any maintenance or health and safety visits that are required will take place outside of nursery operating hours. Settling-in sessions will be scheduled in accordance with current guidance and parents will not be allowed into the rooms with the team and children.
All trips into the community will cease for the time being.
Children will not be allowed to bring in toys from home. If your little one requires a comforter this will be permitted for sleep-time only.
Children will no longer self-serve at mealtimes.
Distance between tables, activities and sleep mats will increase where possible.
In line with current guidance, children will not play with sand, water and other sensory resources such as modelling dough. Soft furnishings, fabric toys and ball pits will be removed from all rooms.
protecting each other
If any child registers a temperature over 37.8 during the day, has a persistent cough or reports losing their sense of taste or smell, we will ask the parents to collect the child and follow quarantine guidelines. Where possible we will set aside a dedicated isolation room for any child who shows symptoms until the parents can come to collect.
Children and team members are eligible for a test if they display symptoms and they should be tested ASAP if they display symptoms. Should a case of Covid-19 be confirmed, all children and team in that room must self-isolate for 14 days or until a negative test result is returned.
Our team will maintain social distancing throughout their breaks and outside the nursery. Our teams will be provided with masks and other PPE in line with guidance, and will change from outdoor clothes and shoes on arrival to nursery.
Our team has received full training and induction on all new policies and procedures. All on-going meetings and training session will be virtual.
All adults entering the building will be requested to sanitise their hands with the gel provided. We will continue with our increased hand-washing activities including on arrival and throughout the day. We will continue to help our children understand these changes though our learning experiences and on-going conversations with the team.
All children’s nursery bags will need to stay at nursery; we will be sending items home in recyclable bags and we will be asking all parents to replenish spare clothes by sending them back in recyclable bags.
We will continue with our enhanced cleaning and sterilising routines. A full-time cleaner will be on site to deliver our increased daily cleaning schedules.
Waste (tissues, PPE, cleaning cloths etc) from any child or team member with symptoms will be disposed of into double-wrapped bin bags and stored in a suitable and secure place for 72 hours before going in the main bin.