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Learning begins with curiosity. Little ones develop best when their curious minds are fuelled and they feel at home, secure to explore the world around them.
At Maggie & Rose we draw on the natural curiosity of early childhood to create life-long learners with the confidence and creativity to grow and adapt, wherever life may take them.
Our expert practitioners focus on each child's individual journey, promoting holistic development by building secure attachments, guiding learning from the child’s lead, and tailoring activities to their specific stage and learning style.
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our approach to Early Years
We use real-world experiences to deliver Early Years Foundation Stage outcomes, developing key skills such as literacy, numeracy, and motor skills – for example, counting and measuring as children prepare to cook.
From village greens to carousel horses, our design-led settings keep imaginations sparked and enable children to safely explore the world around them, growing in independence. Our pedagogic approach blends the established scientific methods of Montessori and Malaguzzi, with the work of child development theorists from Piaget and Vygotsky through to Skinner and Bandura. Carefully selected from sustainable resources, our extensive learning materials and space for outdoor exploration ensure every child enjoys a broad range of opportunities to develop.
We are an inclusive community. Through circle time, shared mealtimes and free play little ones learn to relate to those around them, build mutual respect and develop positive self-image, social habits, and emotional literacy.
We work in close partnership with our parents, using our App to exchange regular updates on each child’s progress, and providing numerous opportunities to meet, share and learn throughout the year. Check out our grown-ups' guide below for everything a parent needs to know to help your child get the most from their time at our nursery.
Grown-ups’ guide
our locations
Each of our London nursery settings is unique in its design but united in its approach: tactile and alive to the senses, our in-house design team create inspiring yet warm and welcoming spaces, an extension of home.
We blend Montessori, Reggio and HighScope approaches with our bespoke Maggie & Rose curriculum to help each child attain Early Years Foundation Stage development outcomes and ignite a life-long love of learning.
daily routine
We support child-led learning with a flexible routine that accommodates each family's wishes with regards to home routine, feeding habits and sleep patterns, building to a more structured day, ready for transition to big school.
our team
Our warm and friendly team of expert practitioners work in close partnership with parents to ensure your child gets the best possible start on their learning journey. Our care and education are tailored to the needs of each child.