An extension of home

Grown-ups play a fundamental role in a child’s early development, with those who surround little ones at home often recognised as their first educators. We work in close partnership with parents, guardians and caregivers to tailor our care and learning approach to each child’s individual needs.

Our support extends beyond the nursery setting: using our Famly app, numerous opportunities to meet, share and learn throughout the year, as well as activities for home and access to our digital hub, Maggie & Rose Life, a two-way flow of information between home and nursery enables your little one to get the most from their time with us and supports you to extend their learning and development at home, laying strong foundations for a lifetime of learning. Little ones get the most positive outcomes when we work together in partnership.


Strong roots, global outlook

We recognise and celebrate each child’s unique culture, taking time to truly understand their beliefs and interests and in turn nurturing in them an understanding and respect for others and the world in which we live.

Little ones are provided with daily opportunities to be curious, to explore the world around them, try new things, and experience awe and wonder. Each week we introduce children to new cultures through our activities and home-cooked menu, as well as celebrating key festivals from across multiple faiths. Our expert team span diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and experience, drawing on the very best early years’ development practices from across the globe.

Light Bulb

Inspiring havens

Our design-led settings keep imaginations sparked and enable children to safely explore the world around them, growing in independence. We encourage children to try things for themselves first, to develop and extend their physical and social skills using the environment as a third teacher.

Little ones are given ample opportunities to use the objects and spaces around them in a way that is meaningful to them, imagining and building their own worlds which they can control. Screen-time is used sparingly and only ever with a clear purpose, providing children with yet another means of exploring and interacting with the world around them.

Oscar Happy

A family community

When children feel safe, they are better able/enabled to try things out and be more independent, growing in confident to express their ideas and feelings and feel good about themselves.

Our warm and friendly team understand how attachment influences a child’s immediate all-round development and future relationships, and ensure they form secure, supportive attachments with the little ones in their care. We are an inclusive community: through circle time, shared mealtimes and free play little ones learn to relate to those around them, build mutual respect and develop positive self-image, social habits, and emotional literacy.

Growing together

Our bespoke curriculum draws on a child’s natural curiosity, working holistically and at each child’s own pace to deliver Early Years Foundation Stage outcomes. Our pedagogic approach blends the established scientific methods of Montessori and Malaguzzi, with the work of child development theorists from Piaget and Vygotsky through to Skinner and Bandura.

We use real-world experiences to develop key skills such as literacy, numeracy, and motor skills – for example, counting and measuring as children prepare to cook. We draw inspiration from the natural world, using space for outside exploration and carefully selected toys and learning materials made from sustainable resources to ensure each child enjoys a broad range of opportunities to grow and develop, and to support school readiness.

Basket With Vegetables – Food Illustration

Healthy minds and bodies

We understand the importance of nurturing little bodies alongside young minds, and that well-nourished children achieve more positive outcomes. Our nurseries serve a wide-ranging menu of balanced home-cooked meals from fresh, seasonal ingredients delivered daily to our in-house kitchens.

Our approach to nutrition is to be conscious but not too serious, offering natural sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup in place of refined sugar and using low to no salt. Our dishes introduce little ones to a range of foods in fun and interactive ways, from our cooking classes where they are encouraged to sample ingredients to ‘build-your-own’ lunches. Outdoor exercise forms an integral part of each nursery day and children are regularly encouraged to explore the different ways they can move their bodies while they play, and in our Forest School and movement classes. Little ones are also supported to take part in ‘mini yoga’ sessions and to start to explore the concept of being mindful of their surroundings, their thoughts and the way these interact. We embed emotional literacy and mindfulness exercises into our daily routines, supporting children to develop their individual identity, reduce their anxiety and develop an understanding of cause and effect. We encourage self-care and help little ones hone their skills through mealtimes, personal care and oral health routines.