At Maggie & Rose nurseries, we nurture life-long learners with the confidence and creativity to grow and adapt, whatever the future holds.
Our design-led spaces create an out-of-this-world environment for little ones, keeping imaginations sparked.
We offer a unique and creative approach to Early Years learning, catering for little ones from 9 months to 5 years old.
We focus on each child's individual journey, tailoring activities to their stage and learning style to support holistic development.
Our Maggie & Rose method uses creative approaches to develop key skills such as numeracy and motor skills – for example, counting and
measuring when children prepare ingredients to cook.
We encourage open-ended thinking, giving children time and opportunity to process information and make their own choices.
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Tactile and alive to the senses. We make sure that we have little magical touches throughout our nurseries that excite and inspire.
Adapting to new settings can be challenging for little ones which is why all of our spaces are designed to be an extension of home, with our team offering incredible warmth and understanding to the little ones in our care and their families.
Maggie & Rose nurseries counting numbers preschool toddlers real world Montessori regio childcare
Our nursery curriculum is based on the ‘Maggie & Rose Method.' Developed by expert early years’ practitioners and following EYFS framework, it is proven to deliver learning outcomes through creative play whilst building confidence and having a positive impact on the child’s physical and social development. Whether developing literacy, numeracy or fine motor skills, our creative approach ensures that learning is fun, rewarding and effective.
Maggie & Rose nurseries real world Montessori regional's childcare toddler preschool Islington Chiswick Kensington
We expose our children to the most amazing foods and flavours through the UK's leading nursery catering company, Zebedees who deliver freshly-made nutritious food to our nurseries for our little ones to enjoy. They use minimal levels of salt and sugar, as well as offering a variety of food groups and the nutrients that children need for healthy development. We cater for all food intolerances by ensuring our dishes are all fully substitutable.
maggie and rose club membership
Our parents receive access to Famly, an online learning portal that allows you to keep up with your child’s progress each week. Updated daily by the practitioners your Famly account will contain photos, achievements and key updates. You will also receive weekly email updates keeping our families up to date on any changes or upcoming events at our Nurseries and Clubs.
The Maggie & Rose Method
We’re passionate about allowing children the time and space to explore and develop at their own pace.
The Maggie & Rose Method is a combination of the EYFS and our core values: support and nurture, inspire creativity, think visually and be extraordinary.
We believe our children are capable learners, so we empower and give them opportunities to thrive, think visually and use the environment as the third teacher.

Chiswick Nursery

Maggie & Rose Nursery Chiswick Preschool Toddler Childcare
Maggie & Rose Nursery Chiswick Preschool Toddler Childcare
Maggie & Rose Chiswick Roof Terrace Outdoor Private Hire Parties Club
Maggie & Rose Chiswick Club And Nursery Entrance
Maggie & Rose Chiswick Members Club Brasserie Play Area Toddler Children Things To Do Places To Eat
Maggie & Rose Chiswick Toddler Preschooler Classes Things To Do Learn Through Play

Housed within our Chiswick club house, our village-themed nursery has dedicated rooms for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers centred around the Village Green with a library, cooking studio, theatre and Pollock-style arts studio, all created to stimulate little imaginations.

Little ones also have access to the club’s outdoor secret garden and roof terrace, internal play areas and, for older children there are regular excursions and weekly Forest School sessions.

We’re open 360 days a year, offering year-round childcare and cater for little ones from 9 months to 5 years old. We have sessions available for half and full days. Why not come along for a tour?

Kensington Nursery

Maggie & Rose Kensington Nursery Setting Studio Toddler Preschool
Maggie & Rose Kensington Nursery Setting Studio Toddler Preschool
Maggie & Rose Kensington Nursery Garden Play Area Toddler Preschool Childcare
Maggie & Rose Cooking Class Toddlers Preschool Chiswick Islington Kensington Club Membership
Maggie & Rose Kensington Club Play Area Toddler Preschooler Things To Do
Maggie & Rose Kensington Members Club

Our Kensington Nursery has a ‘townhouse’ feel: dedicated rooms for babies and older children, the best Splat! (art) room in the world, and a garden complete with mud kitchen, all allow us to create an inspiring, free-flow experience for children in our care.

Little ones can make use of the club’s play areas and take part in our tailor-made member classes, as well as regular excursions to Holland Park.

Our Kensington Nursery runs term-time only. We offer AM and PM camps, as well as crèche options through the holidays. We cater for little ones from 9 months to 5 years old, and have sessions available for half and full days. Why not come along for a tour?

Islington Nursery

Maggie & Rose Islington Nursery Toddler Preschool Studio Setting
Maggie & Rose Islington Nursery Toddler Preschool Studio Setting
2019 11 08 M&R MUSIC ROOM 033 RT Copy
Maggie & Rose Nursery Islington Reception Fairground Horses
Maggie & Rose Nurseries Real World Montessori Regional's Childcare Toddler Preschool Islington Chiswick Kensington
Maggie & Rose Nurseries Counting Numbers Preschool Toddlers Real World Montessori Regio Childcare

At our Islington Nursery, we create an out-of-this-world environment for little ones, keeping imaginations sparked! Our nursery houses  three separate studios, imaginative play areas featuring a secret play house and indoor treehouse, as well as an outdoor Brighton-pier inspired promenade. 

Little ones have access to members’ classes, our proprietary preschool preparation sessions and regular excursions, including to neighbouring Little Angel Theatre!

We cater for little ones from 9 months to 5 years old and is open from 8am – 6pm, with options for early drop-off and late pick-up.

Why not come along for a tour?

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What makes Maggie & Rose unique?

Our inspiring space has been created with children and families in mind, we have created a well thought out home form home oasis for children and families to create magical life long memories. We believe nothing is too much for our families and always do our best to be extraordinary.

What qualifications do your staff have?

Our Nursery team members have First Aid and the standard Level 2 and 3 qualifications which is the basic government requirement. In addition to this, our Head of Nursery has a degree in Management and Leadership in Early Years and our Team have a combination of degrees in Early Childhood, Psychology, Social Work and Teaching.

We believe in investing in our team and are always looking out for and creating fun inspiring training experiences, we have recently become accredited by CACHE to offer our own Maggie & Rose Method training.

How do you keep children stimulated?

Our activities are planned with our core values in mind, Inspire Creativity and Think Visually. We have a range of fun, inviting activities to engage children throughout the day. We observe how the children interact with their surroundings and plan activities linked to their interests using our very own Maggie & Rose inspiration guides.

How do you keep children safe?

We have a Health & Safety Co-ordinator who liaises with Management on safety measures within the nursery, implementing and updating our H&S policies and procedures in line with the regulatory bodies such as Ofsted, Environmental Health and our local Borough. We will do all that is reasonable to safeguard and promote the children’s welfare to the highest standard of care.

Maggie & Rose Nursery is fully committed to ensuring that all children are kept safe and well. We take all necessary steps to ensure staff are well trained and understand their duties. Our policies are in line with the guidance and procedures of both Hounslow and Kensington & Chelsea Safeguarding Children Board. They also have regard to the Government’s statutory guidance ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’.

What sort of learning resources do you use?

We have our own portfolio of beautifully designed nursery craft resources designed by our in house design team, in addition to this, we have a range of bespoke resources such as our sensory exploration tables. We love our firm favourites which include our wooden train tracks, a treasure trove of books, dress up resources, instruments and a range of fun open-ended play resources to stimulate the imaginations of our little ones.

What’s included in your nursery fees?

One word: Everything!

Nursery fees include all the additional extras that we offer. This includes: all classes, activities, food, nappies, wipes, suncream and anything else your child may need during their day at nursery.

When you register we provide you with x2 Maggie & Rose T-shirts and a spare clothes bag, the only thing we require is a change of clothes, a sun hat for warm days and wellies for jumping in puddles of course.

Do you offer funding?

We offer universal 15 hour funding for all children and extended 30 hour funding for eligible children. All funding is applicable from the term after your child’s 3rd birthday.

Funding does not include our additional extras. 30 hour funding is offered on a case by case basis subject to availability.

How can I track my child's progress?

We love sharing daily anecdotes with you in person from your child’s day alongside this we use an online observation system called Famly, with your unique login at any time you can review your child’s progress and development whilst at nursery. In addition we have parent meetings and curriculum evenings to share all the fun things your little ones get up to in their nursery day.

Do you have an outdoor space for my children to play?

We have outdoor space at all of our nurseries.

At Chiswick, we have a great big rooftop full of lots of outdoor play opportunities, gross motor play area, bikes, construction zone, water & messy play area our staple features.  We also have a downstairs area with a beautiful tree-house and a big green Bus, yes we said Bus! The children love story and singing time on our bus.

Our Kensington Nursery has a fantastic garden, stocked full of toys and activities. The garden is connected directly to the nursery which means we can offer a free-flow experience for children.

In Islington our Brighton Pier-inspired promenade allows us to create a safe, outdoor room for our little ones to explore and take in the air.

Alongside this, we love bringing our indoor learning experiences outside. We have a beautiful green for our weekly football/rugby class, a nature reserve for forest school, and regularly venture out with the children into our beautiful local communities.

What will my child's daily routine be like?

Our sample daily routine below shows how children at Maggie & Rose nurseries spend their day

  • 8 – 9am: Breakfast and free play
  • 9 – 9.30am: Circle time with daily songs and chat
  • 9.30 – 11.30am: Focused activities, outdoor/free play
  • 11.30am: 1st round of lunch then sleep
  • 1pm: Arrival of afternoon children, free play,
  • departure of AM children
  • 1.30pm: Maggie & Rose classes
  • 2.45 – 4pm: Focused activities and outdoor play
  • 4pm: Tea
  • 4.30 – 6pm: Free play and home time

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