The main responsibility of the party host is to ensure a smooth overall running of a party so that all guests have a fantastic Maggie & Rose Experience.

List of Key Responsibilities:

Party Room Set up – To ensure that both the art studio & cooking studio is set up according to the party theme & numbers. This includes changing the drapes, bunting & table placemats.

Entertainment set up – it is the party hosts role to ensure that the entertainers have everything that they need for the party. They must ensure that he costumes are hanging ready, the craft is set up with the appropriate stickers & any party games are ready.

Liase with the Party Assistant – The party assistant is responsible for all party F&B, at the start of the day have a catch up with the party assistant to ensure that they are all prepared for the food & drink requirements.

Party Sign – Update all party signs (street blackboard, rope with bunting etc) with the birthday boy or girls name & age

Balloons – Set the room up with all appropriate balloons.

Entertainer Briefing – The entertainers will arrive 30 minutes before the party starts. They need to be briefed with the theme, number of children, food, birthday boy/girl name & age & any special requests. Help them into their costumes where needed.

Greeting Party Parents – When the party family arrive, show them to the space, take their coats & offer any tea or coffee. Introduce yourself if they have not met you previously & discuss the running of the party with them. Also introduce the entertainers when the time comes.

Greeting Guests – As guests arrive, be at the door to greet them & take their coats/presents. Offer them a beverage & show them into the party room.

During the party – party host is to continue to greet & chat with guests asking for drinks orders & circulating food where necessary. Checking in with the parents is important & should be done at least twice in the party.

Kids Food & Cake – When the kids go to the cooking studio for their party food, the party host needs to clear the art studio to make it clear for the next part of the party. Sweep up the stickers, clear the table & push them back, readjust the rug & cushions.

Cake – Help the entertainer with the cake (moving, cutting & distributing).

Presents – Bag up all party gifts in M&R bags

Party Bill – add the party bill to the til under the clients name & assign to table 20 ready for the client to pay. Host can be present for paying, if not DM or receptionist can take payment.

Goodie Bags – Prepare the goodie bags for the party treasure hunt or for the entertainers to give out another way.

The Party Host is then responsible after the party to either turn the room around for another party or to clear the room for the classrooms again. It is really important that the party host leaves the classrooms as they are needed for Monday. All drapes to be removed, trolleys to be clear of any party items, tables & chairs back in place.

Handover to the Events Manager: Email or write a handover to the events manager with anything they need to know e.g out of helium, running low on colouring pages, client feedback etc. This is a part-time role, and the successful candidate needs to be able to work weekends.