Designing M&R Chiswick has been so much fun! For months we have been scouring the world for great pieces and unique items; the easiest thing would have been to paint it white and fill it with off the shelf designer furniture but we really wanted to challenge the design of kids spaces, really push the boat out and create a space that was inspiring, warm, cosy and most importantly full of things to engage with. Most of our pieces have been designed and built by our hugely talented team. It has been a labour of love, sweat and tears but we are all so damn proud of how it has turned out. So here I thought I would share some of my favourite things with you…



This woman is quite simply one of the most talented individuals I think I have ever met!  As a fellow woman in business I have so much respect for how she handles herself with the builders plus she really knows her stuff.  She is massively creative in all aspects of her design and I cannot recommend her enough, so if you need an architect this is your girl!


lighting 2

lighting 3

From lights made of jam jars, old vintage cars, wire cages and even pages from books the lighting is so stunning it still takes my breath away!


nursery 1

nursery 2

 This was my new baby and one of the things I am most proud of.  The inspiration came from this random picture I found a while ago and in usual Lou style she helped to bring it to life!  With fabric roofs, brick facades, chimneys and even a village green it is so damn awesome we all want to be nursery teachers so we can hang out there!



This is without a doubt old rustic charm at its best!


soft play

It is just the prettiest thing in the world.  Painful as it was for Lou to design and the poor installers to install (it was the world’s most complicated jigsaw puzzle to piece together) it was all worth it as it is a thing of beauty!




We love a bit of Jackson and after many epic workshops at M&R Kensington, Anna and I had so much fun ‘Pollocking’ the Art Studio floors!!


bus 1

bus 2

Of all the mad ideas I’ve ever had this one really tops it off!  We only just squeezed it in and then there was the mammoth task of covering it in Lego! It takes a lot of Lego to cover a double decker bus and we approached Lego themselves and they weren’t very helpful AT ALL!  So began the research…did you know there is an Italian version called UNICO PLUS? Someone even tried to get us a Korean version! You name it we tried it.  Thank you to the few that happily handed over their very valuable base plates, the end result was not quite enough to cover the bus  so we used the original Illustration done by our very own Magic Mike and vinyled it. The upstairs has a chequered dance floor and downstairs has a milkshake bar.  It is super cool and we predict adult parties may outnumber the kiddy ones!



It is not often people love their builders – in fact it is very rare indeed but we love ours!!! We cannot fault BB, they have just been awesome – nothing has ever been a problem, they had practical solutions for almost any issues and they were mindful of budgets. They truly went above and beyond the call of duty and worked their pants off 24/7 to get us open.



We found it really difficult to find the right pieces of furniture so we made it! Our very own Knight in Shining Armour, James Gavigan is a super talented craftsman and worked with us to create the bus and our tables. The design team Hendzel and Hunt ( made our super sweet kiddy chairs that everyone is asking after.


anna sean

Sean and Anna…my partners in crime! These two are like energizer batteries they keep on going and going! They have worked the longest hours and are the hardest workers ever.  Without them, we simply wouldn’t have a club!  They are now both part of the furniture and will make sure the club functions as well as keep it looking amazing.

I am one proud Mum!!

More photos to follow on our facebook page soon.


Maggie x