Islington Nursery Report

April 22

Our first Ofsted inspection took place in November 2021, and we were disappointed to receive a rating of ‘inadequate’.  While we believe that our existing processes at the time were appropriate, unfortunately several errors were observed on the day and we accept the inspector’s rating.  We addressed and met the six requested actions immediately, in addition to implementing an ongoing internal action plan which seeks to go significantly above and beyond the actions required in the report.

We are pleased to have hosted several visits and calls since the publication of the report from Islington Local Authority and Ofsted, and every one of their assessments has been nothing but positive.

We have worked extremely hard to support our team and put measures in place to ensure these slips don’t happen in future – the team on the day have since chosen to move on, and we are delighted that our Baby Room is thriving with a wonderful new team in place.

In terms of specific actions taken in response to the report: all initial actions listed by Ofsted in the report were successfully implemented by the first week of January 2022 and subsequently deemed satisfactory by OFSTED:

  1. Staff supervisions to ensure understanding of responsibility, suitability checks and competency were reinforced, and have been scheduled throughout 2022
  2. All staff have refamiliarized themselves with our ‘back to sleep’ and food policies with ongoing sleep time and mealtime role-modelling and mentoring by the manager to assure team competency and best practice
  3. All children’s individual risk assessments are reviewed weekly with the manager (ongoing)
  4. Random daily checks with different age groups to confirm consistently ‘good’ practice
  5. We re-evaluated our key person system to account for transitions and ensure maximum balance and consistency for each child
  6. Our management team continue to mentor and guide good practice aligned with the ethos of the nursery, and review team roles and responsibilities including implementing a new middle management structure
  7. We reopened and updated our outdoor classroom space, and reconfigured our play areas to deliver an even better experience for children based on their individual interests and learning needs

Beyond these completed actions, our further internal plan (spearheaded by our Islington nursery manager) focuses on each of the 4 judgment areas for good/outstanding practice: personal development, behaviour and attitude, quality of learning and leadership and management.

We have significantly overhauled our provision to promote an enabled environment setting conducive to continuous provision, in line with the EFYS framework. We are also really excited that our new nursery catering partnership guarantees the freshness, nutrition and quality of the food we serve our children every day.

Finally and most importantly, we are grateful that so many of our parents have shown such loyalty and grace in their support of our team and the positive changes we’ve worked so hard to implement over the past few months.

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