At Maggie & Rose, families that EAT together, have the most awesome of times! We are all about simple, tasty dishes that both little ones (even the fussiest of eaters!) and grown-ups will love. Look out for our seasonal, healthy, freshly prepared menus, and a selection of specials which focus on local ingredients, and psst…our food is always low in salt, refined sugar and any other nasties.

We can’t wait to EAT together soon! 

Rustic Cool at Maggie & Rose Kensington Cafe


The charming shabby chic cafe also includes a juice bar and all manner of delicious treats throughout the day.

Chiswick Brasserie


Set on the 2nd floor of Maggie & Rose Chiswick is The Brasserie, open from 9am-6pm with a brunch and all day menu.