Our Clubhouse Classes
Maggie & Rose classes take little ones and their grown-ups on a creative journey.
Multi-sensory, tactile (and often messy!), our classes are led by our in-house teachers, trained to guide while giving children the confidence to explore in their own way, at their own pace. Using a core curriculum of music, art, cooking and our signature creative play class, Make & Make Believe, we encourage little ones to express their individuality, make creative decisions and push the limits of their imagination.
During our classes, we introduce key concepts in numeracy and literacy, practise fine and gross motor skills and, most importantly, have fun - a unique opportunity for families to spend time together, learning.
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Maggie & Rose cooking classes for toddlers children Islington Kensington Chiswick things to do with kids in London
cooking class
Cook & Craft and Little Cheflets
Our cooking classes introduce little ones from 12 months up to new foods and encourage healthy food choices, giving them the confidence to try new tastes and textures.

With a different recipe to make and take home each week, our cooking classes encourage sensory and tactile exploration as little ones are encouraged to touch, taste and smell, and help develop motor skills by stirring, chopping, squishing, sprinkling and mashing. Alongside this little ones can learn numeracy and language skills – for example, counting out their ingredients and understanding timings, and learning the names of new foods and where they come from.

We believe that even the tiniest hands can conjure up culinary delights - even if some of the ingredients don't make it into the bowl! Using innovative themes such as 'Superfoods For Superheroes' or 'Around The World', we encourage curiosity whilst keeping little ones engaged and entertained.

Messy Masters Art
Our art classes are suitable for 12 months up and focus on different theme each term, such as letters, colours, or the works of great artists.

Little ones get to explore a wide array of art materials and media, creating unique artworks that are very much their own.

As they engage in art activities, little ones are developing their motor skills using fingers to paint, hands to hold paintbrushes, fingertips to sprinkle or pinch and fists to scrunch.

Talking about their art introduces little ones to vocabulary such as colours, shapes and sizes, and little ones will gain self-esteem by expressing how they feel, learning to make independent decisions and developing their sense of individuality.

Art Class
Music & Dance Class
Mini Musicians
Our Mini Musicians classes are suitable for 6 months up and introduce little ones to music, rhythm and sound in a fun and interactive way.

Each week our classes focus on a different theme and style of music, with modern and popular music that grown-ups can enjoy alongside popular nursery rhymes with a Maggie & Rose twist.

In these classes little ones get an opportunity to listen to and identify sounds, express themselves through making their own sounds, explore and play different instruments and sing and move to music, along with lots of sensory play.

Not only does music allow little ones to explore and develop their creative thinking, confidence and expression, but also gives them the power to transfer these skills to other aspects of their learning.

Make & Make Believe
Suitable for 18 months up, little ones are introduced to a different make-believe environment each week and invited to use their imaginations to explore through a mixture of craft and creative play.

Each week we transform our studio into a real-world or imaginary scene, with themes including Superheroes, Deep Blue Sea, Exploring Nature or Mad Science.

Classes begin with a yoga warm-up, then little ones will make a craft to take home related to the theme and then go on an imaginative adventure, using role play and story-telling to explore the world around them.

Music & Dance Class