Books to take little ones on big journeys

We’ve had to say goodbye to holidays abroad or even day trips out for the time being, so we’ve decided to travel using the world of books instead! Books can take us on the greatest adventures, and in this week’s Reading Corner we recommend our favourite books to take little ones on big journeys. 

The Snail and the Whale
– Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler 

In another excellent offering from Julia Donaldson, we meet a very small snail who is itching to leave his tiny rock by the sea and see the world. With the help of a very big whale, the snail is able to go on an epic journey and see some amazing sights, illustrated beautifully by Axel Scheffler. A touching story of friendship and adventure by this accomplished partnership.

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Wherever You Go – Pat Zietlow Miller & Eliza Wheeler 

We think this book is perfect for lockdown as it celebrates all the wonderful things that lie just outside our front doors, waiting for us to explore them. An intrepid rabbit travels through many different landscapes, noticing how roads connect us to others and then lead us back home again, in a gently rhyming tale that will spark feelings of wanderlust!

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth – Oliver Jeffers 

Written from the perspective of a tour guide welcoming a stranger to the planet, Oliver Jeffers’ gorgeous book introduces us to the different landscapes of Planet Earth and the living things that inhabit them. Although we love the rich illustrations and the quirky descriptions, our favourite thing about this book is the sweet messaging about acceptance, showing kindness and taking care of each other, and our home.  

Welcome to the World: A Celebration of Children Everywhere  Moira Butterfield & Harriet Lyons 

Little ones can meet their counterparts from all over the world in this wonderfully illustrated book which introduces children from many different countries with relatable details such as what they wear, what they eat, what languages they speak and how they celebrate. Little ones will be engaged by the colourful pictures and the descriptions that will help them to consider what they have in common with other children and how they differ. We love the inclusive message that though we may do things differently, we all share some things, not least a love for our family and friends. 

Atlas of Adventures – Lucy Letherland 

Guaranteed to inspire new travel ambitions in both little ones and grown-ups, this large picture book is packed full of gorgeously detailed illustrations and all the exciting things there are to do on each continent. With more than 100 ideas of activities across the globe and things to spot on each page, this atlas will keep little ones returning to its pages again and again. 

A Year Full of Stories – Angela McAllister & Christopher Corr  

While we are spending time indoors, it feels a little like the seasons are passing us by. This stunning book will help little ones to re-connect to the seasons through the telling of 52 folk tales and legends, collected from all around the world and each matching a cultural, religious or seasonal celebration. With stories to celebrate Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Yom Kippur and many more, this is an extraordinarily rich collection that little ones and grown-ups will both adore.