Why Drama plays such a crucial role in a child’s development

Zara Merali

During these unprecedented times, many children have struggled to cope with so much uncertainty and chaos. It is more vital than ever that we help our children to navigate their way through the complexities of an ever-changing world.

Child wearing mask

The versatility of Drama offers a wealth of “remote” learning opportunities. Well presented interactive online classes are valuable and can be interwoven with THE FIVE “C”s.

Drama embodies THE FIVE “C"s

    Our greatest asset  is our imagination. Drama takes us on a magical, mystical journey. There are no limits and there are no rules. Drama is ALL about feeling free and having fun. It is not about achieving unrealistic targets. It is not about competing and always being “right”.  Drama is about living in the moment and exploring the sheer magic of our incredible imaginations.
    Through Drama, a child finds their voice. Their inhibitions float away and they have the strength to express their invaluable ideas. There is no greater gift that we can give to our children. The gift of confidence, the gift of self-worth, the gift of having the courage to stand up and speak your mind.
    Every job, every relationship, every aspect of life relies on our ability to communicate effectively. The skill of communication needs to be learned and it needs to be developed and practised.  Drama teaches children to communicate at so many different levels.  Non-verbal communication is just as important as the human voice. Drama teaches children to persuade and to engage and to inspire others.
    Drama focuses the mind. It allows us to reflect and to  embark upon a journey of self-discovery. Drama inspires MINDFULNESS, which is such an invaluable tool to cope with the stresses of modern life. Drama also promotes problem-solving skills, as activities often involve improvisation and ‘thinking outside the box’.
    Children learn to listen to each other’s ideas and to take turns and value the contribution of others. They learn to work together towards a shared vision and to see the value of cooperation and mutual support. Drama provides opportunities for children to bond and to develop their friendships. They learn to strengthen their empathy skills and to view the world from a range of different perspectives.

Drama equips our children with ALL of these wonderful tools. Drama can help to rejuvenate and to encourage resilience, in what can be a confusing and complex world. We want the next generation to make sure that the world sits up and listens to what they have got to say. Our children are the only real heroes of this story, so let’s give them those tools to take on the world!