2 brilliant books that make food fun

Book Adventurers

Food provides a whole world of exploration for small children, from the sensation of sweet notes, sour tangs, different textures and temperatures and of course overall chew-ability!

Toddler hand pointing at strawberry plant

But food can also be challenging at times for parents as well as children and is particularly painful when you are trying to encourage a ‘fussy’ eater to try new things.


Here are two brilliant titles that will help you in your quest for raising happy, healthy eaters who will try anything on their plate not just because they are hungry, but because it’s an adventure!

Which Food Will You Choose?

Author: Claire Potter
Illustrator: Ailie Busby
Age suitability: 2-8 years
Which Food Will You Choose book cover

This brilliantly concocted picture book features deliciously illustrated pages of red, yellow, green, orange and purple foods for your child to choose from.

Enjoy the colourful story together and then have some fun by taking your child to the supermarket to play the game in real life!

Recommended by paediatric dietitians to help with fussy eating, it’s a fun and effective way to coax your child out of their comfort zone and encourage them to go for something new and different.

And check out Stop Fussy Eating by the author too which has lots more tips for getting your child to embrace more than just the beige foods they love!

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Green Kids Cook

Author: Jenny Chandler
Age suitability: 7-14 years

Green Kids Cook aims to encourage and teach children how to cook and eat food that’s as good for them as it is for the planet.

Kids who know where their food comes from, don’t just have a head start when they set out into the world to fend for themselves, they’re also more likely to eat well and thrive as they grow up.

This book is also kids’ book filled with vegetable recipes. As well as over 60 recipes for real family food with countless variations, there are sewing projects, a few foraging tips and even instructions on how to sprout your own pulses.

This is a great start for kids to understand and care about their food, while delivering simple and delicious recipes too!

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Green Kids Cook book cover

Enjoy this video class exploring nutrition and organic food

If you would like more information on helping your family develop healthy eating habits the NHS has a great scheme called Cook Together which you can sign up for. You will get recipes complete with shopping lists for healthy meals as well as tips on getting more ‘food smart’ when you’re in the supermarket. And, you’ll have taken the first step to cooking healthier meals for yourself and your family or friends.