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Book Adventurers is a new subscription-based book club, which expands upon the magical world of children's stories, through creative and inspiring digital classes. Here's what people are saying:

I love the idea of Book Adventurers. Reading is a very mindful activity, something that I have always enjoyed from a very young age. When we read or listen to a story we turn our minds away from any worries we might have as we focus on the ‘now’.  Book Adventurers seems to offer the whole package: stories, crafts, music and drama – I couldn’t think of anything better!

Ciaran Ivanovic
Founder of Mindful Kids

The greatest gift any parent can give their children, is to help them develop a real passion for and fluency in reading.  The Book Adventurers​ Club created by Maggie & Rose is truly unique. Inspiring , informative and interactive. I defy any parent not to be excited by this adventure. It’s impossible not to have fun!

Elaine Halligan
Owner of The Parent Practice, author, speaker and parenting coach

Through imaginative play children lose themselves in their fantasy characters. An anxious child loses all inhibitions when they are slaying dragons, swimming with mermaids or saving the universe with their superpowers! Book Adventurers provides an interactive opportunity for children to read, play and be creative all in one fantastic space.

Dr Maryhan
Psychologist & Parenting Expert

I am so excited to be a part of the first-ever Book Adventurer journey! It’s such a creative and engaging way to encourage children to fall in love with reading. Bringing stories alive and ‘going beyond the book’ in a digital space is so relevant, and also accessible. I can’t wait to see where the Book Adventurers go next!

Katie Cottle
Shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize Illustrated Book Prize 2021

We love the name of your Book Club “The Book Adventurers”, because we’ve always thought of a book as a sort of doorway. And when you open that door it takes you on a new adventure and you can visit places you’ve never been before and meet people you’ve never met before.

So we encourage you to keep on opening those doors and discovering new adventures.

Fan Brothers

Perfect with the holidays coming up and all those hours to fill…

Sarah, mum to Isaac, 6

All our girls enjoy this. They love to get immersed in stories and to continue the play once the story has finished being read.

Roz, mum of 3 girls

This does look brilliant. As a working mom of a boy who absolutely loves books and loves to be read to, this is a very useful tool. I love the idea of interactive book reading and can imagine lots of laugh-out-loud listening/reading and crafts related to the stories. I think I am a fan already.

Vee, mum of Teddy, 5

Because 'the end'...is just the beginning!