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Book Adventurers is a new subscription-based book club, which expands upon the magical world of children's stories, through creative and inspiring digital classes. Here's what people are saying:

We had a lovely Sunday with Grandson Harris. We have spent time looking through dinosaur books before, but the Deep Blue Sea Adventure is the first activity that he has sat and enjoyed and interacted with all the way through. Brilliant. I will be getting more. Thank you all.

Hilary G
Grandma of Harris age 3 yrs

I love the idea of Book Adventurers. Reading is a very mindful activity, something that I have always enjoyed from a very young age. When we read or listen to a story we turn our minds away from any worries we might have as we focus on the ‘now’.  Book Adventurers seems to offer the whole package: stories, crafts, music and drama – I couldn’t think of anything better!

Ciaran Ivanovic
Founder of Mindful Kids

The greatest gift any parent can give their children, is to help them develop a real passion for and fluency in reading.  The Book Adventurers​ Club created by Maggie & Rose is truly unique. Inspiring , informative and interactive. I defy any parent not to be excited by this adventure. It’s impossible not to have fun!

Elaine Halligan
Owner of The Parent Practice, author, speaker and parenting coach

Through imaginative play children lose themselves in their fantasy characters. An anxious child loses all inhibitions when they are slaying dragons, swimming with mermaids or saving the universe with their superpowers! Book Adventurers provides an interactive opportunity for children to read, play and be creative all in one fantastic space.

Dr Maryhan
Psychologist & Parenting Expert

I am so excited to be a part of the first-ever Book Adventurer journey! It’s such a creative and engaging way to encourage children to fall in love with reading. Bringing stories alive and ‘going beyond the book’ in a digital space is so relevant, and also accessible. I can’t wait to see where the Book Adventurers go next!

Katie Cottle
Shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize Illustrated Book Prize 2021

We love the name of your Book Club “The Book Adventurers”, because we’ve always thought of a book as a sort of doorway. And when you open that door it takes you on a new adventure and you can visit places you’ve never been before and meet people you’ve never met before.

So we encourage you to keep on opening those doors and discovering new adventures.

The Fan Brothers

What can I say, we have had the most amazing time with our Book Adventurers subscription. Both books have inspired so much play and we really enjoyed making an origami boat from the tutorial on the digital pack too! It’s such a good quality service with amazing digital resources that absolutely do not disappoint, and for such a good price too!

Mum to Elana aged 2 (@_littlesensoryplay_)

The lovely team at Book Adventurers have created a brilliant package of books along with high-quality digital content that brings to life stories for little ones. I think the proof here is really in the pudding, well the artwork. My little girl is four and not super enthusiastic about finer motor skills like drawing and painting (unless it’s freestyle – go crazy with the scribbles kiddo!) but she sat and concentrated really hard to follow Katie Cottle’s instructions and was obviously whisked away into a world of ocean blues and sandy shades! We’ve also enjoyed listening to the story aloud and learning some of the ocean facts on the other videos and we are excited about the other book which we’ve yet to do the art activity for (saving it for a rainy day which looks like they are coming too soon).

The other thing I love about Book Adventurers is that it is available as digital only content too, so for book collectors like us we can take part in all the activities without worrying about book duplication!

Mum to ‘Book Bairn’ aged 6 and ‘The little page turner’ aged 4 (@bookbairn)

This month has been a strange one for us. With moving house, and more wet days than anything else, I am so glad that we have had Book Adventurers to bring some magic to our summer. It has saved the day several times!

The two chosen books really did take us on an ocean adventure. They challenged us to discuss big topics in an accessible way and have both become firm favourites. The guides for grownups were an excellent way to support with these discussions at a range of age points, as well as making me consider other aspects of parenting.

The thing that makes Book Adventurers truly special though is the digital content. The read-alongs offer children a first hand experience of authors bringing their own content to life. The craft along was as fun as it was challenging and our favourite activity of all was the draw-along, the best painting activity we’ve ever done with an outcome to treasure.

Mum to Noah aged 3 and Auntie to Lily aged 7 (@story.baskets.for.noah)

We have loved being Book Adventurers this Summer! There was huge excitement when the beautiful books arrived. It is wonderful to have two carefully selected books which can inspire so many ideas, activities and learning opportunities.

The digital package was full of excellent videos that my five year old daughter was very excited to watch.  The videos really held her attention, bringing the books to life with author readings, imaginary drama play and arts and crafts. During the readings she looked at the books, exploring the pictures, following the words and turning the pages as it went which was great for developing her own reading skills.

The drama play was really fun and connected to my daughter’s love of imaginary play, it was wonderful to be at home pretending to be sitting on the beach and also covered important topics such as keeping plastic out of the oceans.

Coming from a home where we make a lot of arts and crafts my daughter really enjoys these activities but we do not usually follow videos – it was a real success! We were able to pause the instructions where necessary and it was fascinating to hear from the illustrator herself about how she creates her work! The amazing books also inspired us to make a number of our own creative projects and my daughter enjoyed sending these to Book Adventurers and loved seeing some of her own work shown in the Live Instagram session! We are also looking forward to the final wrap party. It is good that there are things like this to look forward to and keep you connected throughout the timeframe of the package.

Thank you Book Adventurers, it has been a delight to receive this excellent package we have loved every minute of reading and creating!

Mum to Bella aged 5 (@creative_little_wonders)

We’ve loved being Book Adventurers.

The choice of texts were brilliant and captured both the boys’ imaginations and mine. I’ve appreciated the digital content too – especially the ‘Guides for Grown-ups’. You can tell that the programme has been created with input from specialists as it’s comprehensive and well put together.

Our favourite activity was ‘The Blue Giant Draw Along’ – I have to admit that Mummy couldn’t resist grabbing a paintbrush too! The boys also enjoyed listening to the authors read their stories. It’s fantastic to hear the words read in their own voices.

Thank-you Book Adventurers for helping to bring the ocean into our home this summer.

Mum to Oscar aged 6, Hugh aged 4 and Charlotte aged 1 (@thefairytalemum)

Perfect with the holidays coming up and all those hours to fill…

Sarah, mum to Isaac, 6

All our girls enjoy this. They love to get immersed in stories and to continue the play once the story has finished being read.

Roz, mum of 3 girls

This does look brilliant. As a working mom of a boy who absolutely loves books and loves to be read to, this is a very useful tool. I love the idea of interactive book reading and can imagine lots of laugh-out-loud listening/reading and crafts related to the stories. I think I am a fan already.

Vee, mum of Teddy, 5

Because 'the end'...is just the beginning!