About Maggie & Rose

Maggie & Rose was founded in London in 2006. An inspiring haven created by mothers for families to come together to eat, play and learn. From the minute it opened its doors the club was immediately embraced and adopted byits community. 

The concept has grown organically since then as demand grew in London, and internationally, through loyal members who moved abroad and wanted a Maggie & Rose in their home city. 

Today Maggie & Rose has eight clubs in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Hangzhou; with exciting plans to continue its clubhouse expansion in existing and new territories as well as launch a global digital platform. 

Since March 2020 Maggie & Rose has been sharing its creative classes, crafts and early years thought leadership online at Maggie & Rose Life in support of families throughout the global pandemic.  

Thanks to an enthusiastic response, we are now launching our first digital product aimed at supporting and engaging with young readers – Book Adventurers