About the Book Adventurers team

The digital team at Maggie & Rose are all parents of primary school aged children and, as such, are only too aware of the appeal of screens for our children today. 

Rather than ignoring this curiosity, we’ve sought to use that natural interest in the digital world to spark a lifelong love of reading via our digital classes.  

Bringing together engaging class presenters with educational and entertaining content enhanced by original music, graphics and high-quality production values, this is ‘good screen’ time that your children will adore.  

Our creative team is made up of digital experts, TV professionals and we’ve benefitted from additional input from primary school teachers and drama experts. 

Our classes have been devised meticulously around the educational pedagogy of the Maggie & Rose curriculum, with an unapologetically heavy arts slant.  

Our mission is to lift the timeless appeal of a truly brilliant story book, off the page, onto their screens and ultimately into the lives of children everywhere.