Our story

Book Adventurers is a new interactive book club for summer, which expands upon the magical world of children's stories, through creative and inspiring digital classes.

The Maggie & Rose Digital team is passionate about creating ‘good screen’ experiences that is educational and fun. Aimed at our young audience our content  extends our ethos of education through play into the online space that is so much a part of life for today’s children.

Book Adventurers is an exciting concept entering the traditionally offline space occupied by book clubs, magnifying all the benefits and joys of reading in new and engaging directions: children can pause, replay, and consider the books in their own time, hear from the authors about what inspired them, and use this inspiration to make their own creations – all the while considering topics with their families that may not have been discussed before. 

For 2021’s summer of ‘book-love’ we’re exploring the theme of the Deep Blue Sea because even if we can’t get away on holiday, we can always have a book adventure!  

The two books we’ve chosen, after scouring hundreds of possibilities, provide the perfect jumping-off point for some magical adventures in the Deep Blue Sea. We have over 60 minutes of creative and interactive arts, crafts and drama-play classes based on and beyond each book.  

As part of the package, we provide creative and EYFS-based support and ideas for further activities for parents and carers to help them make the most of reading and discussing these books with their children.  

We firmly believe that in fostering a love of reading in children going ‘beyond the book’ is essential.

Extending and igniting your child’s imagination and skillsets to empower their innate creativity, curiosity and desire to learn. Our classes are all designed to extend the stories we’ve chosen as well as their themes via a range of entertaining and educational activities that are tied into the EYFS framework.  

From arts & crafts, to music and imaginative drama-play – children will experience journeys to remember – with the authors and illustrators of the books among their guides!  

For our final class, the book ‘wrap party’ (premiering at the end of August!) we’ll be inviting your children to join in too, sharing their creations, reviews and ideas for their own unique book adventures.  

Book Adventurers is so much more than just a book club – it’s the start of a creative journey that will help to foster a life-long love of reading and unleash your child’s imagination.

Who knows where books can take them…‘the end’ is just the beginning! 

Treasure chest of books

The inspiration for the Book Adventurers logo!

We wanted to create a logo that reflects the adventurous, playful, bookish nature of Maggie & Rose Book Adventurers. It just so happened that in our Maggie & Rose Nursery in Islington we have this amazing, tiny, secret bookshelf! Isn’t it gorgeous?!

While we were filming new content for Book Adventurers, Luke and Kealy both got the chance to pass through our secret bookshelf. Just like the adventures waiting inside the covers of a book, what worlds do you imagine were waiting for Luke and Kealy behind our secret bookshelf?