Book review and book selection policy


Maggie & Rose Book Adventurers are always delighted to hear from publishers, authors and illustrators about books and review opportunities. 

Sending a complimentary book for review consideration does not guarantee a review. All books are accepted on a review consideration basis. We will only recommend and review books that are in keeping with our ethos. In other words, a lot of filtering takes place before we select a book that we review or include in our book selection. We reserve the right to not to review a book and once we have made that decision, it is final. 

If we do decide to feature your book, we cannot guarantee immediate review as we work to a calendar of themes and topics and we will generally review/feature books that reflect one of our upcoming or current themes. 

We do not collaborate on paid book reviews. However, we will consider collaborating with publishers during marketing campaigns to spread word about a book. The words we share on such collaborations will be ours. Hence, we will not sign up on a project that calls for pre-written words.  On the blog, each post will be labelled with an appropriate disclaimer as to where the books came from. 

We also run regular book giveaways on our social media accounts.  

If we aren’t fans of a particular book, we prefer not to review it as there’s no such thing as a bad book, just a bad fit for the reader at that moment in time.  

What types of children’s books do we feature? 

We are interested in all sorts of children’s books, but Book Adventurers focuses primarily on picture books, fiction and non-fiction books or poetry aimed at pre-school and primary-aged children.  

We always seek to be inclusive and representative, and our book choices will tackle themes we know are important to families like equality, wellbeing and climate change, as well as themes to help children learn about the world around them.  Parents can use the books and to open up conversations about tricky themes and topics. 

Our book club is unique in that we provide young readers with exclusive access to author and illustrator content for our carefully curated books. Therefore, if you would like to partner with us, we would hope to have a conversation with you about the sort of fun, yet educational, content we could publish.  

We prefer to feature books that are pre-publication or very recently published so that we are offering our readers new, unseen, content.  

Book Adventurers book review and selection process 

Step 1: Please send an email to including the information below so we can get a quick understanding of your book: 

  • Book title 
  • Author name and social handles 
  • Illustrator name and social handles 
  • Publication date 
  • Book length 
  • Genre 
  • Blurb 
  • Deadline that you are working towards if you have one 
  • Whether you’re a publisher/indie author etc 
  • Any other information you think will help us make a decision I.e. an exclusive video content ideas you may have. 

Step 2: If, after reading the information you have provided, we think your book could be a good match for Book Adventurers, we will ask you to submit a non-returnable book with a cover letter of relevant information, and include any press releases or supporting materials.  

Book submissions should be sent to: 

Maggie & Rose Book Adventurers 

FAO Gigi Eligoloff

Maggie & Rose Family Members Club  

1 Essex Pl Square,  


London W4 5UJ 

Once you have submitted your request, it can take a several days to receive a reply. We endeavour to reply by email to everyone who has sent us a copy of their book to us, whether that be with an acceptance or a refusal. 

Please be aware that any subsequent books you wish us to review must also go through the same review request procedure. 

If we review your book… 

We do our best to tag authors, illustrators and publishers in our social media posts and can email alerting you when blog posts are published. Books which are sent by publishers, authors and illustrators free for review purposes will be labelled clearly on our social media as “sent for review”.  

You may use our review for all of your marketing efforts and avenues, including your website, in your newsletters, on your book cover and for all of your online marketing advertisements, strategies and platforms. All reviews must be attributed to Maggie & Rose Book Adventurers and where possible link to our website: 

Further information 

If you need further information, feel free to contact us using the information on our contact us page here or email 

We are also open to discussing guest blogging or other ideas that you might have. 

This Review Policy was last updated July 2021.