5 brilliant books that show our children the power of love

Book Adventurers

Today we’re bringing you a book club about love.

There’s no big significant event to mark today, just another good excuse to reinforce stories that teach our children all about the love of family and of good friends, and especially of themselves.

All our stories are, as ever, diverse and inclusive ones chosen to reflect and celebrate all of the amazing children in our wonderful world. 

Under the Love Umbrella

Author: Davina Bell
Illustrator: Alison Colpoys
Age suitability: 2-6 years
Under the Love Umbrella

This is a beautiful book that reminds children that love is always around them. From the playground to when they at a friend’s house, they are always loved. 

A stunning celebration of the joy and comfort that is always with us, wherever we roam in the big, wild world. 

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This Love - A Celebration of Harmony Around the World

Author: Isobel Otter
Illustrator: Harriet Lynas
Age suitability: 3-6 years

From the lovely rainbow on the cover to all the beautiful illustrations running through it, this wonderfully inclusive book is all about colour – the colour of people, of places, of lives, of seasons – and most important of all, the colour of love.

Depicting lots of different shapes and sizes of families around the world, this detailed book reflects the differences we can see, and the love that we may not.  

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This Love

Hair Love

Author: Matthew A. Cherry
Illustrator: Vashti Harrison
Age suitability: 5 - 7 years
Hair Love

If you haven’t seen the Oscar-winning film of a father learning how to styling his daughter’s curly hair, then you are in for a treat with this book version.

Zuri loves her natural hair and Mum always styles it just the way she likes it. But when a special occasion comes around and Mum can’t do her hair, Dad has to try.

But Zuri’s hair kinks, coils, and curls every which way, meaning Dad has a lot to learn!

This is a gorgeous celebration not just of the love between a father and daughter, but about loving ourselves, just the way we are. 

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Mama, Do You Love Me?

Author: Barbara M. Joosse
Illustrator: Barbara Lavallee
Age suitability: 0-12 years

A warm and cuddly book exploring the unconditional love of a parent and child set in the magical snowy world of the Inuit people of North Alaska.

When the child asks if her mother would still love her if she ‘put salmon in your parka, ermine in your mittens, and lemmings in your mukluks?’ she is consistently reassured.

This is a really useful book about reaffirming that whatever happens, as their parent, our love will never waiver. Although a piece salmon in our parka might certainly test our patience! 

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Mama Do You Love Me

Train Your Dragon To Love Himself

Author: Steve Herman
Age suitability: 4 - 8 years
Train Your Dragon To Love Himself

If you have a child obsessed with dragons, this is a clever book to sneak onto their bookshelves.

The story is designed to put children in the shoes of a teacher, helping their dragon learn about loving themselves.

This is at once a great story book, but also a helpful tool kit full of positive affirmations.  If you like this one, check out the other My Dragon tales all of which are designed to help children with their emotions. 

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