3 brilliantly spooky books for Halloween

Book Adventurers | 18th October 2021

In the ghastly spirit of all things slightly scary we’ve chosen 3 brilliantly spooky books to accompany our digital crafty seasonal fun.

It’s that time again when ghosts, ghouls and garish polyester costumes rear their truly awful heads and taunt parents and pockets for the sake of a bad sugar rush and a high scream counter. Okay, you guessed it – we’re not huge fans of some aspects of Halloween, but the lure of spooky stories, too many sweets and the delight of being just a little bit afraid is like catnip to many children.

And so in the ghastly spirit of all things slightly scary and pumpkin-loving we’ve chosen 3 brilliantly spooky books along with a creepy clutch of our own digital crafty seasonal fun.

Pick a Pumpkin

Author: Patricia Toht
Illustrator: Jarvis
Age suitability: 2-5 years

The perfect book to whet your appetite to go out to search and find your own special pumpkin to carve into one of many terribly eerie facial expressions. The story traces the journey out to find, the choosing, scooping and carving of this traditional orange vegetable totem. The illustrations by Jarvis are just stunning and evoke a perfectly cosy autumn evening indoors snuggled under a blanket reading a good book (maybe like this one!).

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Ollie's Lost Kitten

Author: Nicola Killen
Age suitability: 2 +

This is a lovely autumn Halloween adventure, filled with black cats, pumpkins and not too scary (honest!) witches. The clever cut-out illustrations are especially enticing for young readers to peek through to the next page!

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Gustavo the Shy Ghost

Author: Flavio Z. Drago
Age suitability: 3 -7 years

The winner of the Klaus Flugge Prize this year, Gustavo the Shy Ghost is a big book about a little ghost trying to overcome his shyness. Gustavo is really good at doing ‘ghosty’ jobs like walking through walls and glowing in the dark, but he finds it super-tricky making friends. With themes of friendship and courage, it’s easy to see what made this a New York Times Bestseller: with the added bonus of stunning illustrations this is a winner for grown ups and children alike.

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Now for some digital crafty Halloween fun!

This half term why not try some of our video crafts and cooking classes on Book Adventurers? We’ve got yummy sweet treats to cook up from a super-simple mug cake to spooky chocolate spiders. And maybe throw in some barmy bat decorations, a pumpkin treasure hunt and finish off making a clever witch costume for your favourite teddy.

Teddy Bear Halloween Costume

Treat your Teddy with their own Halloween dress-up!
For this activity you will need: 1 straw, 1 x black A4 paper, sticky tape, some wool, string and some pens or mark makers to decorate the witch's hat.

Hanging Halloween Bats

How to create your own thrilling hanging Halloween bats:
For this activity you will need: 1 x cardboard tube, 1 x A4 black paper, red and black paint, a paintbrush, black wool, sticky tape.

Monstrous Halloween Mug Cake

How to create a monstrous microwavable mug cake:
For this activity you will need: 2 tbsp melted butter, 1 large egg, 3 tsp sugar and cocoa (mix), 1/2 cup of self-raising flour, 1 tbsp milk and some spooky sweets to decorate your cake.

Spooky Spider Truffles

How to create your own spooky spider truffles:
For this activity you will need:1 x sandwich bag, 2 digestive biscuits, condensed milk, cocoa powder and a bag of pretzels.

Halloween Treasure Hunt

For your pumpkin treasure hunt you will need 8 thrilling treats. You could choose a new spooky book (from the suggestions above!), some new art materials, an apple and some spooky sweet treats. You will need to hide these in the following hiding places in your home and each clue should lead your child to the following destinations:
1: Sink, 2. Their bed, 3. Their shoes, 4. Dish cupboard, 5. Fridge, 6. Broom, 7. Hall, 8. Their coat.