3 brilliant books for starting nursery or school

Book Adventurers | 31st August 2021

It’s that time again when a whole new cohort of children take that big step into a new learning journey... and world.

To help your little ones on their way, we’ve picked out 3 brilliant books about starting nursery and school that deal with the transitions and changes in their day- to-day lives with empathy, reflection and understanding.

Time to go to nursery

Author: Penny Tassoni
Illustrator: Mel Four
Age suitability: 0-5 years

Penny Tassoni is responsible for the Time to… range of books and uses her background as an Early Years consultant and trainer to brilliant effect in these encouraging and positive stories to help your child settle into a whole new routine.

Tracing the likely schedules and events in a typical nursery day, whether you are reading to a toddler or reading with an older child, this is a great hand-holder for children ( and their grown ups!).

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All Are Welcome

Author: Alexandra Penfold
Illustrator: Suzanne Kaufman
Age suitability: 3-7 years

A wonderfully inclusive journey (loved by teachers) through a typical school day celebrating the diversity of a modern school where ‘All Are Welcome’. Children in hijabs, baseball caps, and patkas play side by side. This is a school where the students grow and learn from each other’s traditions, just like the grown ups (should) do in the real world.

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Wise before five

Author: Libby Walden
Illustrator: Ekaterina Trukhan
Age suitability: 3-5 years

This book is so full of great information, advice and facts about the world, our emotions and pretty much the universe and everything, that it’s the perfect gift for the soon-to-go-to-school child.

With beautiful illustrations and tips like mindful breathing to help with big emotions, this book has everything.

Don’t let the title put you off though – this is as much about celebrating the extraordinary learning your child has already done by the age of five, as much as presenting even more incredible things to learn and think about.

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Our interactive book club ‘Book Adventurers’ offers a set of creative classes based in and beyond two books. Using art, music, craft and drama play we explore topics such as plastic pollution and loss within our overall theme of the Deep Blue Sea. We’ve also got parent guides for both of the issues we explore in our book choices for further resources and ideas.

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