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Jump between the covers of two award-winning children's books and enjoy a summer of adventure with creative digital classes, exclusive author scoops and a fabulous prize...

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Calling young Book Adventurers to join us this summer as we explore two extraordinary picture books and foster a life-long love of reading!  

Every complete Book Adventure package includes:  

  • A paperback copy of The Blue Giant by Katie Cottle
  • A paperback copy of Ocean Meets Sky by the Fan Brothers  
  • Two Read Alongs of the books, with exclusive Author Scoops   
  • Craft Along which develops the themes raised in Ocean Meets Sky
  • Author/illustrator Draw Along  based on The Blue Giant
  • Drama-play class inspired by our theme, Deep Blue Sea 
  • Our celebratory Book ‘Wrap’ party will showcase your child’s original creations, reviews and comments as well as cementing fun and learning in a unique, entertaining digital format. 
  • And for parents, a series of extended activities and downloads to inspire conversations and creations with your child, tied to the books and their themes.  

Two amazing books to treasure and over 80 minutes of original on-demand creative content. Gift your little digital native the appeal of good screen fun and activities with a lifelong love of reading. 

Our Book Adventure package including the two books is just £19.99, and if you have the books already – no problem! You can also buy our digital-only Book Adventure package for £8.99.

Our summer adventure is all about:

The Deep Blue Sea

The Blue Giant cover

The Blue Giant Read Along

Exclusive Draw Along class

Make your own boat craft class

Deep Blue Book Adventure!

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