We Want Our Books by Jake Alexander

About the book

Rosa wants a book. But when she gets to the library, she finds it is closed. What could be the end of the story is just the beginning, as Rosa and her sister Maria try everything they can think of to bring their community together and fight to get back their precious library.

Published by Pavillion.

We Want Our Books

About the creators

Jake Alexander is an illustrator and author from the South of England. He finds inspiration in finding the narratives in places, the everyday and the connections between people.

When he’s not working, he spends his time absorbing useless information about Star Wars or watching reruns of Diagnosis Murder with his cat. In 2019 he won both the Macmillan Children’s Book Prize and the Creative Conscience Gold Medal.  

His debut picture book We Want Our Books came out in June 2021 and later that year, he contributed to an illustrated adaption of Historian and Broadcaster David Olusoga’s book Black and British.   

Jake Alexander

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