A Little Bit of Courage by Claire Alexander

About the book

The Ploofers have just learned a valuable lesson in celebrating differences and trying new things. They’ve been practicing something very special again and this time it requires extra teamwork… But Little One is too scared to go on this new adventure. Will some kind and encouraging words from Toasty help him find a little bit of courage?

Published by Quarto/Happy Yak

A Little Bit of Courage

About the creators

Claire Alexander  is an award-winning picture book author and illustrator based in London. She is the illustrator of  Humperdink Our Elephant Friend  and  The Snow Bear   and the author–illustrator of  A Little Bit Different,  Back to Front and Upside Down, That’s When I Knew,  Millie Shares, and  Monkey and the Little One.

Claire earned a BA in painting from the Kent Institute of Art and Design and studied children’s illustration at Putney School of Art and Design. Claire teaches her own course on writing and illustrating picture books in local libraries, bookshops, and at the House of Illustration in London. She regularly visits schools and enjoys drawing for children.

Claire Alexander

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