Shanghai, China
Moon Bay
Our newest clubhouse complete with beautifully designed members' lounge, bespoke play area, family-friendly café and a spacious outdoor terrace sees Maggie & Rose land in Shanghai!
Nan Feng
Our fourth clubhouse in Mainland China and ninth globally, this truly is ‘the place’ for Shanghai families to spend the best of time together - whether enjoying our creative classes, exploring our energy-busting play areas, indulging in a delicious family meal or simply kicking back to watch a movie in our bespoke cinema snug.
Hangzhou, China
Our biggest club to date covering a staggering 60,000 square feet and boasting a public brasserie, children's hair salon, cinema, big kids' den, fitness studio and indoor forest play area. Be sure to check out the Art Deco picture house, complete with popcorn and ice cream stand!
Yin Tai
Our third clubhouse west of Hangzhou, within Gongshou’s Intime City plaza brings a public café, members’ lounge, bespoke play area, three class studios, a cinema snug, library and even a private dining area in which families can enjoy the very best of time together.
Hong Kong
Repulse Bay
Escape to our beachside club in Hong Kong. Our London style façade take you into the world of Maggie & Rose, where you can curl up to a good book, or have a scrumptious meal in one of our themed ‘EAT+PLAY’ booths featuring a vintage train carriage, giant scrabble or Banksy-inspired graffiti booth.
Causeway Bay
Located in Lee Gardens Mall, Hong Kong, featuring a fabulous roof terrace set against the city skyline. Splash at our outdoor water play, lunch at our beautiful greenhouse inspired brasserie, chill in our members’ lounge, and while away hours in our bespoke, out-of-this-world play space.