Here at Maggie & Rose Kensington we’ve lost count of the number of times that we’ve been asked to introduce childcare facilities along the lines of what our fabulous Chiswick Village Nursery offers.

The Kensington Nursery is our idea of filling a much-needed gap in childcare. We’re catering for the 1 – 5yr age group – those little ones who are not quite mature enough to cope with the structure of a nursery, yet curious enough to want to be doing more with their ever-increasing capacity for learning and growing.

We provide a nurturing home from home environment and our qualified child carers encourage your child to develop their independence, learn the structure of routine, enhance their social skills and ensure that they are more than ready by the time it comes around for them to go to a bigger kids nursery environment.

As an additional benefit – it gives the mums & dads at home a reprieve in juggling the always demanding home life, whilst knowing that their precious little ones are being cared for and learning in a visually and emotionally inspiring place.

Please fill out the details below and we’ll contact you to discuss your interest and arrange a tour of the Nursery.