Move Your Frame

  • 24th April 2019

As you enter a new stage of your life, keeping fit and healthy is more important than ever.

You’re going to need a new-found strength, both mentally and physically, to deal with carrying car seats up flights of stairs, cooking one-handed with a baby on your hip, and to endure yet another sleepless night. This is ‘Functional Fitness’ at its best!

The research shows that there are MANY benefits of keeping healthy and active throughout pregnancy and as a mum, both physically and mentally. The right kind of exercises during pregnancy and as a new mum can also go a long way to reducing (or completely preventing) any pain that can result from the changes going on in your body as your baby grows inside you, and as it starts to knit itself back together post birth. The endorphins released during exercise can also help to keep you energised and feeling up-beat and positive during this time when sleep can be something we’re dreaming of.

As mums ourselves, we totally understand that there can seem to be a lot of barriers to keeping regular exercise a part of your life, which is why we’ve created Mumhood.

We offer over 30 classes / week across our London studios ( and Online programme for those who can’t make it to a class.

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Maggie & Rose members receive 20% off Mumhood classes until the 31st July 2019.

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