Maggie & Rose

The Original Family Members Club where childhood memories begin…

Maggie & Rose is London’s first, best and most brilliant Family Members’ Club.

Dreamt up by Maggie Bolger and Rose Astor back in 2006 (yes they are real people!) the idea was to provide a beautiful creative space for children, in surroundings that appealed to grown-ups too – bye bye chilly church halls, and hello inspirational home from home. The memberships are built on the idea that family rules – one membership to cover parents, all kids (no matter the number!), nannies and even grannies.

With two London clubs, a Village Nursery, International expansion underway (and seven children between them!), the magic is growing.

The doors are open, come and join the family!

#everywhereneedsamaggieandrose – suggest a new location…

“Maggie & Rose is the Soho House for Yummy Mummies” (Sunday Times Style)

Maggie & Rose Video